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/dev/world 2017

10th anniversary of /dev/world! Here’s the links from my talk, Inside Macintosh. MacFAQ Serial Decoder - Find out when your Mac was made. Big Mess O’ Wires - New hardware for obsolete Macs, and blog. Macintosh Garden - Mac Abandonware. Vintage Apple Mac - Mac Abandonware and blog. Internet Archive’s Mac Library - More Mac Abandonware, direct to your browser. 68k Macintosh Liberation Army - So you have an ancient Mac?

GovHack 2017


GovHack is wrapped up for 2017. It was finished on the weekend, but Monday and Tuesday were a waste - I have been too miserable and sick to blog about it, and only just got a burst of energy to break through the mehffort. Our entry, Death Who? (Colonial Edition), is a virtual card game based upon real lives recorded in Tasmanian historical records. I wanted to share what I’ve learned about making a super hacky multiplayer game backend from scratch in 46 hours, in case you want to try the same thing.

Ghetto Text Editing

I realised yesterday that one factor consistently ignored in the old vi/emacs/butterflies debate…is how “ghetto” the method of text editing is, i.e. how degenerate given the available tools. Old terminal-based editors can seem quite ghetto compared to modern GUI-based ones, but after thinking about it you can do a whole lot better.