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Macintosh Tiny

Back while I was preparing for /dev/world this year, I had split my attention in a few variations on a theme:

  • Fixing original Macintosh hardware (the Macintosh Plus);
  • Emulating Macintoshes on modern machines;
  • Constructing a Raspberry Pi case that looks sort of like a scaled-down Mac.

Since I ran myself out of time at /dev/world to talk about “Macintosh Tiny”, that’s what this entry is about.

/dev/world 2017

10th anniversary of /dev/world! Here’s the links from my talk, Inside Macintosh. MacFAQ Serial Decoder - Find out when your Mac was made. Big Mess O’ Wires - New hardware for obsolete Macs, and blog. Macintosh Garden - Mac Abandonware. Vintage Apple Mac - Mac Abandonware and blog. Internet Archive’s Mac Library - More Mac Abandonware, direct to your browser. 68k Macintosh Liberation Army - So you have an ancient Mac?

GovHack 2017


GovHack is wrapped up for 2017. It was finished on the weekend, but Monday and Tuesday were a waste - I have been too miserable and sick to blog about it, and only just got a burst of energy to break through the mehffort. Our entry, Death Who? (Colonial Edition), is a virtual card game based upon real lives recorded in Tasmanian historical records. I wanted to share what I’ve learned about making a super hacky multiplayer game backend from scratch in 46 hours, in case you want to try the same thing.

Nines of nines

In the operations business we like to talk about nines of things, especially regarding service levels. If

Electric bike!

Last week, Bob’s old mountain bike (which he gave me when he stopped riding, and which I didn’t ride all that much in Hobart but made my regular commute after moving to Sydney) had died. I say “died,” but in fairness, it’s just a bit wonky and in need of repair.

PAX Aus, and Make Stuff

Funny story. I only decided to go to the first ever PAX Australia, with full passes sold out ages ago, late on Friday morning. (Yeah, after it had started.)

This title was going to be witty

My patience has run out with technology and screaming babies in the lounge this evening, so I’m going to write a quick one with the photos I have and then go have a bath, in silence 😀


CAEC. Computer-Aided Enrichment Centre. Pronounced as in CAKE. (Also: enrichment centre—to enrichen you before you get baked into the cake?) I realised this profound fact the other day and only just remembered to tell the world.

End of WWDC: Let's Party

So I have mehfforted on the blogging for the past couple of days; it started on Wednesday when I decided that I really didn’t have much to talk about (WWDC content being under a certain agreement whereby I can’t tell you the content) so since that took up most of each day, it seemed worthless to post about it. Now it is Sunday night, so I have plenty of content I can tell you about. (This is also the post I am “treating myself to” for successfully upgrading WordPress manually.)

Pre-WWDC: Escapée

After furiously uploading the previous post, and having a furious amount of sleep, I awoke nice and early and Paris not long afterwards. Showers, clothes, and a pile of chat happened, and we slowly assembled on the couches in the lobby.

Knitting 2.0

(This is a sequel to the post I never wrote, “Knitting 1.0”. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy waiting for this stupid SSAS cube database to process.)

LCA2009 Tuesday

The first talk I saw was by Arthur Sale - “Beyond Open Source” - and that was a fantastic look at open access in the research world. Grrr, slow-adapting publishers!! *shakes fist*

Dear Comment Spammers,

I have infinite patience when it comes to clicking the Delete Comment button. It feels very satisfying deleting your worthless trash, and I reckon I could do it all day. Your futility amuses me. Please continue to waste your time and energy attempting to spam my blog. Thankyou.



Ghetto Text Editing

I realised yesterday that one factor consistently ignored in the old vi/emacs/butterflies debate…is how “ghetto” the method of text editing is, i.e. how degenerate given the available tools. Old terminal-based editors can seem quite ghetto compared to modern GUI-based ones, but after thinking about it you can do a whole lot better.

Thought du jour

It is often said of some people I know, “she/he has selective hearing.” I believe these to be huge understatements.


So yesterday Rowan was giving away piles of cruft—he’s moving to the big cheese quite soon—and I picked up this little handheld radio, antenna having been detached. Today I went and got some batteries on my way in to uni, and powered it up.

Back in the Lab

W00t, Semester 2. Don’t expect me to blog frequently—Project (gasp) is upon me again. However, I’ll try to push out some more tracks, watch this space.