Yay! A free moment...let's


Sorry for neglecting you, my dear blog. It’s been hard. But in order to finish the final metric shitload of assignments and project this year I have had to ignore you. I’m really sorry, can you forgive me?


In that case, can I ask for another teensy raincheck? Next week, I promise I’ll blog all about /dev/world 2008, the state band championships, Tony Engine, and head asplosion. It’ll be wicked.

What? You want me to say a bit more now? Oh, all right then.

  1. /dev/world was beyond awesome, and once again, a special shoutout to Tony & Secret Lab for devising such an entertaining cunning plan.
  2. The band comps were great, and we won! Multiple times in different positions.
  3. Tony Engine assignment was definitely loads of mehffort, but since I’ve been getting great feedback from people who’ve seen it, I might be including a surprise in the next episode…

head asplodes