LCA2009 Monday

What a thoroughly enjoyable day it was!

Started at the kernel miniconf. The talk about parallel programming quite interesting. I went back later for the ACPI talk and even though I understood less than half, the speaker did communicate very clearly how tricky the topic was.

Went to business miniconf after, some really interesting talks and good speakers.

Fail of the day was when I went to the talk about Android at the Open Mobile miniconf. Sorry, I couldn’t get through the accent at all. 😕 I’m sure the speaker was saying something intelligent, but I had no idea what.

But all this pales in comparison to the lively debate between speaker and attendees at the “Microsoft + Open Source: Did Hell Freeze Over?” talk at the end of the business miniconf. Wow. Just. WOW.

As soon as poor Lawrence mentioned “standards”, all bets were off. The cross-section of the F/OSS world in that room weren’t letting that one past. To everyone’s credit, it didn’t turn nasty. To the speakers credit, he didn’t buckle under pressure, and I do feel slightly bad for him having a somewhat hostile audience.

Now, on to Tuesday!