Knitting 2.0

(This is a sequel to the post I never wrote, “Knitting 1.0”. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy waiting for this stupid SSAS cube database to process.)

“You’ve taken up what?”

“Knitting. It’s very relaxing.”

At this juncture, Josh bent around, gave a slight cough, and turned back to his conversation partner. “Knitting. Simple,” he said, smiling weakly.


“Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Pass. It’ll take more than a cup’o tea to wash away the mental image of you knitting.”

“Don’t say I didn’t offer.”

“Ok. But let’s back track for a tick…knitting?”





He could have asked earlier, thought Josh, but after a slight pause decided to just answer camly. “Because it’s relaxing and calming and people like you can’t decide what they should think when they see me do it.”

The two exchanged a solid glance.

“Think I’ll take that tea now.”