Secret Unleashed

I take pride in being the fourth wheel of the Secret Lab fun van. We’re doing some wonderful things, and finally, one of them I can blog about.

Announcing! Day of the Tiki, the official Tiki Bar TV tie-in game.

What is my involvement? I am creating the soundtrack for the game, and also a few SFX Macguyver style, with only a plastic ruler and a rubber band using my computer. I’m way outside of my maths/computing background on this. But, amazingly, everybody here keeps telling me to keep going, so I do. My tool of choice is Logic Studio (a while back I wrote a post about some small Logic tricks I discovered…before reading the manual. :P)

Why am I making music instead of code? The history requires explaining, but it boils down to this. They haven’t asked for code. They could, after all code is what I do at the day job. They asked for music. And so, it turns out that all the years I spent playing trombone with Hobart City Band and singing with TUMS is more useful than I used to think. (Incidentally, although I couldn’t go with them this time, HCB took out first prize in the A grade concert and B grade brass sections this year at the national band championships—terrific achievement! Sorry I couldn’t be there!)

Why me? Previously I also did the soundtracks and noises to the other Secret Lab projects: Culture and Button Squid (keep a track of this blog for a free Button Squid surprise soon). Also the soundtrack for their Software Engineering Project project Side-Game. So we have plenty of history, plus being good friends helps 😀