Scholarships! To WWDC! Hats off to the AUC

Why on earth did I forget to blog about this when it happened?

(Because I am a horrible, horrible blogger waste of carbon…)

The AUC have awarded both myself and one of my best-ever friends Jess Clarke student scholarships to go to Apple WWDC 2009 in San Francisco!

I’m still feeling lucky and quite grateful they picked me out of the swimming pool of quality applications (they were, I peeked at some of the other UTas ones). Just from the introductions given by the other scholarship recipients on the mailing list, I can infer that they have gone to deserving people.¬†

By a happy coincidence, Paris, Jon, and Andrew, also from UTas, are also going to WWDC by virtue of their Student Developer Scholarships, also from the AUC. The culture here at UTas must be doing something right to be so fortunate!

This will be my first overseas trip…ever. Travel tips are welcome. (Uninformed swine flu hysteria will be treated as spam.)

And one more thing…

This year I also recieved a Tasmania Honours Scholarship care of the University scholarships office!