WWDC Day One: Ponies and Steve

Things I learned today:

  1. Applied Queuing Theory.
    WWDC queue 1
    The outside queue to WWDC at about 5:30 AM

  2. Queues in Practice and Principle.
    WWDC queue 1
    Another shot of the queue
  3. Queues and You: A lesson in hidden opportunities.
    Starbucks queue
    The queue inside Starbucks
  4. Queue Participation for Fun and Profit
    WWDC queue 2
    Internal queue friends
  5. Time and Distance: A queue-theoretic case study
    WWDC internal queue 2
    Are we there yet?

  6. Escalating Queues to the Next Level
    Skilled "escalatio" practitioners on the way up

  7. Go go go!

Between arriving a little early and careful migration during relaxed waiting periods, we managed to score better seats in the Presidio room than certain people who had been awake and waiting all night.

View of the stage from where we sat
View of the stage from where we sat

Then we had the keynote. You can watch it yourself when it becomes available to download. Quick summary:

  • Phil Schiller is a pretty good substitute for Steve;
  • I want an MBP now;
  • Bertrand Serlet still likes stirring the shit among Windows types;
  • Bertrand Serlet is a cyborg;
  • When the 1 jumped off stage when they announced the price for Snow Leopard, I nearly JIMPed;
  • Scott Forstall is a dude;
  • The iPhone app demonstrations were too long, but if the two more complicated demonstrations worked, it would have been great.
  • iPhone 3G S… :O

A quick summary of the rest of the day (Lunch and State of the Union addresses):

  • Lunch was not fail at all, but a table and seat would have been nice;
  • Apple have given us all free ponies to take home;
  • New technology built into Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0 announced at the Core OS SOTU is pretty sweet and I almost can’t wait to install the latest builds;
  • New features announced at the Developer Tools SOTU that will appear in Xcode, Dashcode, Instruments, and compiler technology, all totally blew my mind, and the session was definitely sponsored by the word “thankyou!”.
  • The Graphics SOTU could have used a little more momentum, however there was still lots of cool stuff they showed (only I could have told anybody 90% of it beforehand)

Other curious factoids:

  • The Americans don’t use permanent markers, they use Sharpies.
  • My attendee badge now has “University of Tasmania” written on it with a Sharpie.
  • Microsoft’s developer toolkit just got leapfrogged.

So after the last session, Tony, Jon, Paris, Andrew, Jess, Jess and I went to Mel’s Diner for some fast food, and then we caught UP in 3D like we wanted to before. I was very impressed by the storytelling and artwork put into the film by Pixar, and was pleased to see our old friend AndrĂ© Pang in among the credits, despite however limited the time he’s worked there.