WWDC Day Two: Stuff

Awoke, had Starbucks, went to Moscone.

Had a bunch of sessions. Some more interesting than others. Favourites of the day for me were the Managing Kernel Extensions and Audio Processing and Playback sessions.

Installed Snow Leopard developer preview. On top of Leopard. Works just fine. Installer crashed though, which had me a little worried until it worked the second time.

Had student job fair. Failed to obtain the free iTunes card from Apple. Gave some business cards, got a few back. I don’t really care about landing a job here…yet. Good to keep the options open though.

Went up to the Apple Design Awards. Many amazing apps got awards, well done. Moved up a few rows and scored some great seats for Stump the Experts.

Stump the Experts was huge fun. I got the spotlight when I fired up Mac OS 8.6 under Sheepshaver to demonstrate that it was the “Junior” voice in MacinTalk that says “My favorite food is pizza.” As it finished, I beat many in the rush to grab leftover prizes, and I managed to grab two different T-shirts, an LED booklight, and some kind of expansion card for the Apple II—still sealed.

Now I shall mehffort on fleshing out this blog post for tonight, I’m feeling a bit tired.