Time and Effervescence

Hello everybody! What’s up? Cool.

This is an apology—I’m sorry. I have to knuckle down and study, and get a mountain of work done. Thesis is looming, and I have to slay it with such furious force I sometimes wonder if I have the energy. Just as an example. Among other things that are on.

I apologise if you feel like I’m ignoring you or not being as friendly, flexible or free-going as usual. It’s the part of the year where I might tell you, if you are being a git and getting in my way, to fuck off. Don’t take it personally, it’s just a friendly greeting. Or a warning, depending on how things are. Sorry in advance if your feelings get hurt, but I can’t afford to care much. (Really, nobody should be giving a flying fuck about anybody’s feelings at all, but that’s a topic for a later post.) Right now, I feel a bit crap, which justifies it enough to type it in.

I hope to join you on Thursday morning for Coffeetime Day, maybe. If not my feelings will be with you while I sip on a cuppa away from all the fun.