So yesterday Rowan was giving away piles of cruft—he’s moving to the big cheese quite soon—and I picked up this little handheld radio, antenna having been detached. Today I went and got some batteries on my way in to uni, and powered it up.

If anybody in the vicinity of UTas Law cafĂ© this afternoon wants to find out who the hell was going on about “one thousand donuts” on channel 18, that was us. Sorry if we accidentally drove you mad.

In related news, the Secret Lab guys and I were rather spontaneously summoned today by The Mercury for a photo and article to appear soon!?!? Honestly wasn’t expecting such sudden infamy. Also, and this may be jumping the shark somewhat, but I currently do not have the time to do anybody’s tech support but my own. Sorry.

In the meantime, I’m working on a new track (related loosely to the theme from NYC-Streets level from Deus Ex) and possibly a “making-of” blog post for one of the Culture tracks. Much fun!

Now I have a farewell dinner to attend. Later.