1. I did not attend the Hutchins school.
  2. I did not attend the Hutchins school.
  3. Cocoa programming makes me feel heaps more enlightened than .NET programming. Bindings & Core Data, need I say more?
  4. I have no trouble holding bars of SOAP soap for a prolonged period of time.
  5. Somebody should recommend me a good recipe for gravy.
  6. There is no clarification #6.
  7. I did not (and I would actually know this for a fact) attend the Hutchins school.
  8. 8 is a lucky number because it is between 7 and 9, which are also lucky.
  9. SSIS 2005 packages may not deploy correctly due to the msxml3 & msxml6 DLLs not being registered with COM correctly on the current machine.
  10. “Fish-shaped solid waste”… The cake, if not a downright fraud, is totally inedible anyway.
  11. A surprising amount of information not directly exposed by the Infopath 2007 Forms Services API can be obtained, e.g. HttpContext.Current.
  12. The Deus Ex theme goes A minor, then E major.
  13. My colleague Ben is omnipresent (at least in whatever Glenn is currently messing with).
  14. Whether we are the next multimillionaires or not is pure speculation.
  15. Active Directory is a bizzare perversion of a database.
  16. Cauchy distribution for teh win. In your face, central limit theorem.
  17. I need to get back to work.