The Accumulation of Stuff, and the Souls of Objects

Exhaustion of resources has got to be the most annoying facet of having All Of The Irons In The Fire. Things I want that are at a premium right now:

  • Time
  • Space

That’s mostly it. Health is back up, and I have good feelings about future romance.

Here’s how I propose to acquire space: spend time shedding belongings. The less I have, the less I have to move around and care for. The other half of the equation is time. I can spend the time now, it seems, because of imminent criticality: not so much imminent travelling as imminent desire to grab a hold on the reins of change yet again.

So what to do with all my old stuff?

Garage sale? Donations? Storage?

How could possibly I do that to my precious belongings?!

These things have history. Everything. Every tiny scrap of paper, every useless outmoded electrical component, every sidelined project and every broken thing that’s not too broken for me to bin it in a fit of sensibility. These aren’t just objects, possessions or belongings. They’re Objects With Souls. Especially the heavy, bulky, cumbersome, fiddly, irregular, broken, storage-challenging, fragile, or delicate items. Annoyingly, they seem to have the most character of all.

Perhaps there’s some kind of Hoarders Anonymous I could go to. But alas, I’m out of time. Publish!