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Time is traditionally accounted for by counting periodic motion of a planetary mass in the solar system. One rotation of Earth is a day, one revolution about the sun is a year. In the current era, it has its progress tracked by atomic clocks, the principles of which is founded upon the periodic motion of subatomic particles. I recall learning at one point in school that the relevant international standard is based on energy transitions of a particular isotope of caesium, and identifying over nine billion periods of its radiation as one second.

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It is often said of some people I know, “she/he has selective hearing.” I believe these to be huge understatements.

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This may seem totally obvious to some. Or, you may never understand it. Words are ambiguous, so naturally some error occurs in the transmission of thoughts via English, whether my loose use of it or your poor understanding of it. Nevertheless, please read. The overwhelming majority of humans are boring, uninteresting, or utterly square. Whatever you are doing, chances are somebody somewhere else is doing it better than you. Whatever you are thinking, somebody has probably thought it before.