Kyoto Archive

Deers looking at you, kid

On our last day in Tokyo we went down to the Odaiba area. Great idea! Odaiba is basically Tokyo’s giant amusement park. In contrast to some of the narrow streets back in town, Odaiba is expansive, and has well-designed everything. There is the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. It has displays of robots, cat brains, the space station, genetically-engineered plants, model demonstrations of concepts from quantum mechanics, and best of all: a fully-working mechanical model of the internet.

Snow Laughing Matter

Welcome back to the snow…uh, show. Our heroes had found themselves in beautiful bamboo groves, Zen gardens and temples in Arashiyama (lit. stormy mountain), on the west side of Kyoto. This was an entirely sensible situation for a pair of tourists to find themselves in. What would have been even more sensible is if I had worn sensible shoes. Sneakers are not for prolonged walking, even if these ones had recycled car-tyre soles.

This title was going to be witty

My patience has run out with technology and screaming babies in the lounge this evening, so I’m going to write a quick one with the photos I have and then go have a bath, in silence 😀