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End of WWDC: Let's Party

So I have mehfforted on the blogging for the past couple of days; it started on Wednesday when I decided that I really didn’t have much to talk about (WWDC content being under a certain agreement whereby I can’t tell you the content) so since that took up most of each day, it seemed worthless to post about it. Now it is Sunday night, so I have plenty of content I can tell you about. (This is also the post I am “treating myself to” for successfully upgrading WordPress manually.)

Dude, where's my keyboard?

GarageBand is fun. Logic is even more fun—yummy inserts and EXS24, much <3—but only after you figure out how to use it. Essentially, GarageBand is a glossy, cut-down, consumerised redux of Logic. I am far from being a Logic expert (or a professional muso), but tonight, I show you where some of the “fun” in GarageBand has disappeared to in Logic, and some reasons why Logic is so much more powerful.


So yesterday Rowan was giving away piles of cruft—he’s moving to the big cheese quite soon—and I picked up this little handheld radio, antenna having been detached. Today I went and got some batteries on my way in to uni, and powered it up.

Back in the Lab

W00t, Semester 2. Don’t expect me to blog frequently—Project (gasp) is upon me again. However, I’ll try to push out some more tracks, watch this space.